A tank battle

Do you dream to drive a real BRDM? Or to shoot an AK-47 or a PPSh-41? Or maybe you always wanted to arrange a tank battle with your friends? All of these activities are possible!

We offer you a package for real men:

Driving the BRDM-2, the story about the machinery, a workshop about an AK-47
Blank bullets shots using the AK-47, the PPSh-41, the TT pistol, the Mosin-Nagant
Photo and video of your participation
Lunch in a real field kitchen

And as well the participation in the tank battle!

Dear Friends! You won’t be able to find this activity anywhere else. We offer you and your friends to join a real “Tank battle” in real armoured vehicles. These are neither toy cars nor a computer game. Everything is for real and adult-like!
You will be provided with 2 BRDM-2 armoured cars, which will be equipped with the laser sensors and guns. 4 team members seats are available in every car.
You will be able to drive the vehicle, and your team can participate in the “Battle of Moscow”. This is a true competition, according to the rules of a real “Tank Battle”.
The cost of a package for up to 8 pax – 74 500 roubles per person.

The package includes:

Transfer: airport – camp- shooting range area-camp- airport
Accomodation in a camp near a shooting range area
Participation in a tank battle
Excursion and a drive around a shooting area, blank bullets shots
Professional photos and a video
Certificate to each participant
Full day meal plan (3 times per day), while being in a shooting range area lunch will be served in a field kitchen
Russian bathhouse with birch bath brooms every evening
Health insurance
The duration of the tour: 3 days/2 night