We invite you to discover an extraordinary Kazakhstan!

You will have a great opportunity to visit Sharyn Canyon, which is called “a young brother” of the Grand Canyon. This natural landmark is the place which astonishes by its impressive ridged terrain (slopes, cliffs, hills as also the columns and arches which are built by ancient sedimentary rocks). The height of rocks can sometimes reach 150-300 meters, and its unusual shapes will never let anybody be indifferent.
Fascinating sight-seeing tours around the city of Alma-Ata await you!
You will be able to visit the Park of 28 guardsmen of Panfilov, to see the Memorial of Glory, the Holy Ascension Cathedral, the central square and the old seat of the regional government and Republic Square.
Also you will visit the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana. The sightseeing tour includes: Khan Shatyr entertainment center, Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Emerald Towers administrative complex, Nurzhol Boulevard (formerly known as Green Water Boulevard), Ak Orda Presidential Palace, House of Ministries, the house of parliament, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, Palace of Independence, Triumphal Arch, Khazret Sultan Mosque, Palace of Creativity “Shabyt”, “Baiterek”.
The duration of the tour: 5 days.

The package includes:

Bus transfer as per the program, train coupe ticket, 4 star hotel accommodation, tour guide services, museum tickets.

The package does not include:

flight tickets, meals, visa services